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  • 5 Seasonal Application Pest Control
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Perimeter Pest Control Walled Lake MI

Top Lawn doesn't just provide you with the most professional treatment of your lawn, trees and shrubs. We offer a plan that will protect your home from insect invasion with our perimeter pest control program. Simply put, the best way to keep insects from causing problems inside your home is to create a barrier around the home to prevent them from ever entering. The importance of quality perimeter pest control cannot be understated when it comes to enjoying your home. When you allow Top Lawn to maintain and improve your lawn with its trees and shrubs, it is only natural that you would want to enjoy its beauty during the whole year. Summer in particular is the time of the year to gather your family and friends for outdoor parties. Without a strong perimeter pest control plan in place, the party can quickly make its way indoors – away from the beautiful yard that you have taken the time and effort to maintain. Mosquitoes, especially, can disappoint even the most hardy of outdoor enthusiasts. We have designed a method of helping all of our customers take the best advantage of their beautiful lawns and landscape. Top Lawn's perimeter pest control program is accomplished through five distinct applications every year. The applications are done on specific areas that our experts know insects love to not only hang out, but also attempt to enter through. These include your foundations, window wells, under decks and in ground cover, among many other favorite, insect-friendly areas. In addition, we spray a six foot barrier all around the entire foundation of your home for extra resistence to pest invasion. Best of all we can do these things without ever having to step foot inside your family's home. We utilize the most advanced sprays with each treatment, and our technicians are all certified with the Department of Agriculture. This combination provides you the confidence that not only do we care about your home, but have the skills and expertise to apply this care to the highest standards. Our goal is to maintain your home insect free and comfortable for your family, inside and out. While preventing the insects from entering your home, Top Lawn additionally protects your yard against summer's most unwelcome guest: mosquitoes. Mosquitos not only spoil your parties or other outside gatherings, but they can carry diseases such as West Nile Virus. Some of these diseases threaten not only you, but your pets as well, such as increasing the chances of your pet suffering heartworm infections. All of these risks can be lowered greatly for you, your family, and your pets by taking advantage of our Mosquito Control Program. We offer a complete program that includes up to four applications that will help to cover you for the entire summer. Why suffer the irritation and risks that come with these airborne pests? You can share the fun of your outdoor spaces to the fullest with these simple and timely spray applications. In addition we can help you to customize the program to fit your unique needs and budgets.

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