Paul Ebaugh 
Top Lawn has been providing lawn fertilization to my home over the past 8 years or so. Last year they sprayed my trees and performed grub treatments and airation. The field techs and office staff are very good and is a pleasure to do business with them. I highly recommend them.
Tim Szczesny 
Top Lawn is a company that demonstrates a genuine care for customer service and concerns. Their communication is outstanding, particularly for me as a new customer this past year. They act quickly on individual concerns, as some of us have unique issues to address in our lawns. Dave Ruston, a service manager, came by personally to assess an issue with my lawn. He was down on the ground examining the turf to determine an appropriate course of action when I joined him outside. He was very patient in explaining the issue and approach to resolve, and treated the concern that day. I am very satisfied with the service from Top Lawn.
Rita Klein 
I’ve been doing work for Top Lawn for just under a year now. The office staff and owners are very welcoming. They make me feel like I am part of their family. I hear them on the phones with customers on a regular basis. They’re always courteous to whom they are speaking with. It’s a pleasure to see everyone while I am there. I would and have recommended Top Lawn to anyone, just based on how they treat their customers, staff and visitors.
Jennifer Romain 
They customize the treatment to what's happening in my yard at the time and not a general approach. They suggest things that could improve the looks of my lawn without being pushy. They're always there when they say they're going to be and the technician gives a report after each treatment.
HappyGrateful Family 
I appreciate that tighter-knit feeling of a company that stays local to their community and how they try to maintain a positive and reputable workforce. Also, ownership keeps their ears and heads up for better ways of creating a greater environment all around. Their employees are reflections of what the company represents. A lot of hardworkers who care about the lawns they service and the great job that they do!