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  • 7-Step Lawn Care Program
  • Lawn Weed / Disease / Insect Control
  • Grub Control
  • Lawn Aeration & Overseeding
  • 7-Step Tree Program
  • Disease Control
  • Fungicide & Insect Control
  • Landscape Bed Weed Control
  • Deep Root Fertilization
  • 5 Seasonal Application Pest Control
  • Targeted Perimeter Areas
  • Flea / Tick / Ant Control
  • Deer Repellent
  • Goose Repellent

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Lawn Care Walled Lake MI

Top Lawn puts great emphasis on placing "Your Lawn Above the Rest." That's why we have developed a seven step lawn care process to make sure your lawn not only looks great throughout the growing season but also receives professional treatment during the dormant periods during which the grass needs to restore itself and gather nutrients for the next year. The seven step program that we have developed consists of all season-related procedures. The program consists of applications that are done to your lawn every four to six weeks from spring to winter. When the year begins, it is important to take advantage of a good starter fertilizer to bring your lawn out of its winter dormancy. This balanced starter fertilizer encourages the early growth of the grass. In addition, early spring is the perfect time to fight crabgrass and broad leaf weeds, and we offer the greatest benefit you can receive. Late Spring continues the balanced fertilization and weed control. This treatment helps also to enhance the color of your lawn, which helps you to enjoy your yard just as soon as the warmer seasons are about to arrive. With early summer comes spot treatment for persistent broad leaf weeds. Hot summer temperatures and glaring sunshine provide challenges to your lawn, and the earlier fertilization programs are continued to fight these problems. Summer is also the time to look for early signs of insect activity that may have cropped up, which is covered by our summer insect control plan. Mid and late summer are active times for professional lawn care services like Top Lawn to maintain your lawn's appearance. Slow release fertilization is done to help promote continued resilient turf in your particular climate conditions. Additional applications of weed control is brought as well to not only eliminate summer weeds but to strengthen the turf's ability to endure further stress from insects, disease and drought. When fall arrives it is time to not only repair summer damage and keep an eye on persistent weeds, but it is also when you want to have Top Lawn aid in starting your lawn's root development in preparation for the dormant season. This is done through our fall feeding application. Finally, winter feeding is done by out winter dormant application, the seventh step in our process. This allows the grass to replenish and begin storing up valuable nutrients, promotes root system development and ensures a faster spring green up in the next growing season. Two additional components of quality lawn care that Top Lawn provides is core aeration and Merit grub control. Core aeration has long been known to greens keeping professionals on golf courses as the key to a beautiful and dense turf. By making thousands of small holes in the turf, fertilizer, water and air reach the root zone quickly, which results in new growth and root development. Additionally, thatch build up and soil compaction is reduced by this program, which allows your lawn room to breathe and grow. Merit grub control ensures that all of this work in successfully creating a lush and beautiful lawn doesn't get reversed by the damage done by grubs. Our one properly timed application of insecticde keeps grubs at bay and prevents you from paying a lot of money for extensive lawn renovations.

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